From the early beginnings, Fresh Hops strived to be a well-oiled, high energy road show. After performing over a 1,000 shows, and spending most of their time on the road, they’ve honed in on that Fresh Hops sound. The Hops were ready to spend time in the studio.   


On the road, the question asked most is "Where can I get a Fresh Hops album?" Up this point, Fresh Hops were only been able to give out rough, live recordings of shows that they copy themselves and hand out for free. 


Fresh Hops' debut album Everyone Act Normal was officially released December 18th, 2014.  Hard copies are now available for purchase at all Fresh Hops shows, online at, or contact us directly at  Everyone Act Normal is also available for digital download on  iTunes and CD Baby, or it can be streamed on Rhapsody and Spotify.



Fresh Hops- Water on the Fire

Live @ Meow Meadows Studio 11/2020

Fresh Hops and Friends

weekly jam night promo vid

Fresh Hops- Graceland  

FH perform Paul Simons album "Graceland" 

Fresh Hops- The Way

Live @ The Bard Sessions

Fresh Hops- Money & Drugs 

Live @ Meow Meadows Studio

Fresh Hops- Baby Bottle Bop

Live @ Meow Meadows Studio

Fresh Hops- Quarantine 

Live during the pandemic!

Fresh Hops- The Phone Call

Live @ The Bard Sessions